Holy Family’s Student Dress and Presentation Code outlines the basic expectations we have of our students in how they dress and present themselves at Holy Family or when in uniform outside of school hours. Below are a number of important reasons why we aim to implement this code:

  • For Personal Safety: For example, fully covered leather shoes provide an adequate level of protection.
  • For Student Well-being: Through our unified expectations, there is no peer pressure on students to dress or present themselves contrary to our code.
  • For Student Self-Discipline and Responsibility: Taking pride in their dress and presentation when in uniform, students are also developing valuable personal responsibility and self-discipline attributes.

Essential School Uniform

The below image highlights our essential uniform. All students at Holy Family must obtain this uniform. There is an expectation that all students wear this uniform on formal occasions, for example, school photo day.

School Hat

Our school hat is navy blue with a red trim.

It features our school logo.

School Polo Shirt

Our essential school shirt has a navy blue top. Our current shirt has our school logo featured and the school name on the collar.

School Shorts or Skorts

Our essential school shorts are navy blue and now feature an HF insignia. Girls have the option of wearing shorts or a skort.

Shorts or skorts should reach just above the knees.

School Socks

Our essential school socks are navy blue and feature two red stripes.

School Shoes

All Holy Family shoes must be fully black, fully covered and leather.

Optional School Uniform

The below images highlight our optional choices for school uniforms.

White polo shirt

The white top school shirt is an optional alternative to the essential navy top. The white polo shirt is being phased out at Holy Family.

Girls Dress

The girl's dress is an optional alternative to the essential uniform.

Navy-coloured underwear or ‘Netball Knickers’ must be worn under dresses.


Students have three options for cool weather.

  • Rugby Jersey
  • Jacket
  • Fleecy Jumper

Long Pants

Students have two options for long pants for cool weather:

  • Fleecy Track Pants
  • Bootleg Pants

School and Library Bag

Students have the option of obtaining a Holy Family school bag or library bag.

Holy Family Uniform Presentation Expectations

Below is a reminder of the expectation Holy Family students have in how they dress and present themselves. Your support in helping your child(ren) maintain this code is greatly appreciated.


Holy Family Uniform, which is clean and in good repair.

Shorts or skorts must reach just above the knees.

School Socks

Navy with red stripe Holy Family socks, which are clean and in good repair

School Shoes

Fully covered, clean and in good repair.

Entirely black leather with no coloured logos.

No Mary-Janes or Hightop Boots.

School Hats

Holy Family hats which are clean and in good repair.

Essential uniform when outdoors. Holy Family has a ‘No Hat-No Play’ policy for outdoor play.

Makeup, Tattoos or Drawing on Skin

No makeup is to be worn.

No fake/flash or temporary tattoos should be visible, or drawings or marks of any kind on the student’s skin.


The following types of jewellery are permitted: No more than two plain gold or silver coloured stud or sleeper earrings on the earlobe only. Plain gold or silver-coloured chain with a cross or crucifix or a signet ring.

Hair Accessories

All hair accessories should be simple and in school colours of navy blue, red, dark green and white.


Girls and Boys should present their hair in a neat and tidy manner. Colouring or extreme/unconventional styling of hair is not permitted, for example, shaving in lines, mohawks, mullets and so on. Hair below the shoulders or covering a student's eyes should be fully tied back.

Nail Polish and Fake Nails

No coloured nail polish is to be worn or fake nails.

Students Out of Uniform or Incorrect Uniform

In the case that your child is unable to correctly follow this code, for example, lost school shoes, it is expected that parents provide a simple letter of explanation with a date on which you hope to correct this concern. This letter should be sent to school with your child.

Students out of uniform without explanation will be asked to sit down during lunch and recess or go to the library. If a pattern of incorrect school uniform or personal presentation develops, parents will be contacted and requested to correct the concern noted.

The School Locker

Families have the convenience of 7 days a week shopping at the School Locker store in Ballina for purchasing student uniforms. This also includes their own online shopping service.

Each family will receive a 'Student Advantage Card.' Each time you make a purchase at the School Locker, our school will receive a rebate.

Students at Holy Family are encouraged to display pride in their school uniform and how they present themselves as members of Holy Family, both within our school and out in our local community.

The support of parents in encouraging their children to follow these expectations is greatly appreciated.

Uniform and Presentation Guide


Principal Mr Murray Deeps
Assistant Principal - Learning & Teaching Mrs Emma McFadden
Assistant Principal - Mission Mr Adam Sullivan
Secretary Mrs Kate Varcin

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