Message from the Principal

Holy Family Catholic Primary School is a wonderful school that opened its doors in 1997.
Since then, Holy Family has gone from open fields to a modern, progressive and respected
school, full of life and vigour. Holy Family is a wonderful name for a Catholic school.  Family
is everything.  Family takes us through life.
The school is a vital component of the Catholic Parish of Ballina, which includes Lennox
Head and Skennars Head. The school endeavours to provide a strong sense of belonging,
co-operation and community. When Fr Richard Foley, who established Holy Family School,
wrote about his vision for the school, he said: “My vision for the school is that it be a place
where everyone is seen as a person created in the image of God and treated as a person of
unique and enormous value.” I too endorse those fine sentiments.
Holy Family is a K-6 School in the Diocese of Lismore and our school is committed to quality
21st century teaching pedagogies; a Religious Education curriculum that enhances Christian
life in a contemporary world; a personal relationship with Christ and ensuring the history of
the past informs the future. Our diocese is led by Dr Sally Towns, the Director, and Bishop
Gregory Homeming. Both Dr Towns and Bishop Homeming have at the heart of their vision
for our schools to be evangelical places where Jesus is truly alive in the spirit and culture is
not only talked about but also lived.
With an exceptional staff and a dedicated Parish School Forum, insightful and visionary
Executive Leadership Team and along with a supportive parish and Pastoral Council led by
our very capable Administrator of the Ballina Parish, Fr Peter Padsungay, Assistant Priest Fr
Anselm Okeke and Pastoral Associate Sister Kathryn Sweeney, Holy Family continues to
enrich the lives of every student.
The students excel in external examinations conducted by the University of NSW, as well as
the Tournament of Minds. The school has been crowned Australasian Champions in
Tournament of Minds; defeating teams from as far away as New Zealand, Hong Kong and
all the Australian states and territories.  There are interactive whiteboards in all classrooms
and ICT is integrated into the teaching and learning process.  The school choirs have
performed admirably at eisteddfods. Many of our talented sports students go on to represent
at the NSW State PSSA Carnivals and at National level. Over the years, the school has
been victorious in both Diocesan and State team competitions; winning the State Rugby
Union Championship and the Diocesan Soccer and Netball Championships.  Also our Chess
players have been crowned regional champions.
The school is set in an exceptionally beautiful environment.  The school community is active
in planting native trees and enhancing the school grounds, where koalas have made their
home. In addition, the school has several free range chickens that lay eggs for the
Holy Family is true to its motto ‘Life to the Full in Christ’ I would hope that you also talk to other
parents about Holy Family. Holy Family School is a place where the full and active participation of parents
in their children’s education is celebrated and encouraged.

Best Wishes
Murray Deeps