Canteen Information

We’re open for lunch and recess on Wednesday, Thursday & Friday

Our canteen provides an important service to the school by offering our students and staff a healthy range of lunch options and delicious snacks at affordable prices. We support a whole school approach towards encouraging healthy eating habits.

Our canteen has proudly adopted the NSW Healthy Canteens Strategy, ensuring an appropriately balanced menu of 'everyday' and 'occasional' food items. You can find out more information about the strategy at


We use the Compass online ordering system. 

You can find out more about ordering through Compass Canteen by clicking on the “Compass Information” link on the Canteen page of our school website.

Cut off time for lunch orders is 8.15 am on the day

Using cash at the canteen

We welcome students to use cash for over-the-counter snack and drink purchases during lunch and recess. Unfortunately, we do not have the facilities to offer credit.

Our menu 

The Holy Family Canteen menu has been certified under the NSW government's 'Healthy Schools Canteen' strategy ensuring we offer our students healthy eating choices.

The menu is reviewed annually but is subject to change depending on the availability of products. New products that meet the Healthy Canteens criteria may be trialled or introduced throughout the year.

Reusable Lunch Order Wallets

In line with our whole school approach toward minimising waste, we welcome families to use the Reusable Lunch Order Wallet available from the canteen. Please ask your child to drop their lunch order wallet at the canteen in the morning before classes commence. Please ensure your child’s name and class are on their wallet, and we’ll do the rest. Your child will take their lunch order wallet home, and we ask that it be emptied of any rubbish and cleaned when necessary. These are not compulsory.

Meal Deals

Usually, once per term ( Friday, Week 9), the school will have a special 'Meal Deal' day. A notice will be sent out via Compass News with details of the meal deal. No other lunch orders are available on these special days. This meal deal is available for every student. However, it is not compulsory.

Birthday Ice Blocks

Our Healthy School Canteen can provide an ice block pack of Quelch Fruit Tubes for your child to share with their class. They’re 99% fruit juice and have a 5-star health rating which means they’re an “everyday” item on our menu. They’re suitable for everyone as they are gluten-free and dairy free.

Birthday ice block packs are available to purchase through our Lunch Menu in Compass Canteen. 

Please check with your child’s teacher that the celebration day you choose is convenient for the class. Please also ensure you order at least one week in advance to ensure adequate stock is available.

What if your child forgets lunch?

The canteen will happily provide a basic lunch for your child, and an email/ note will be sent home requesting payment for this service. 


Volunteering in our canteen provides a wonderful opportunity to be part of your child’s school life. We’re sure you will find being involved a rewarding experience.

If you can spare a couple of hours, once per term, we’d love you to join the Canteen team.

Click on the Volunteer Information link in the canteen section of our school website to submit your details.

Year 6 Leadership

Year 6 students are encouraged to show their leadership skills to the rest of the school. They have the opportunity to volunteer in our canteen and help serve over-the-counter snacks and drinks during lunch and recess.

Further information is provided to Year 6 students at the beginning of the year.

Children in the Canteen

Due to OH&S requirements, children are not permitted in the canteen (except our Year 6 volunteers).


Where possible, we use environmentally friendly packaging that is either compostable, biodegradable or made using renewable resources. 


We encourage students to dispose of their packaging thoughtfully. Greenwaste, recycling and household waste bins are located throughout the school.

Reheating food from home

Due to health regulations, the canteen is not able to reheat food items brought in from home.

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Principal Mr Murray Deeps
Assistant Principal - Learning & Teaching Mrs Emma McFadden
Assistant Principal - Mission Mr Adam Sullivan
Secretary Mrs Kate Varcin

40 Isabella Drive, Skennars Head NSW 2478
(02) 6687 5311